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Our Fabrics


Lou Lou St Cruz was once an international fashion fabric buyer. She travelled seasonally to rich and wonderful places around Europe to source the most luxurious, enchanting, mind-bending, technical, fun & classic fabrics that existed. Keeping some of the most wonderful for her own personal stash, she now opens it up to make some the most exquisite masks you will wear. 



The Lou Lou St Cruz Bamboo range is made from Bamboo pulp, creating a sustainable yet durable natural fabric that is beautifully soft and pleasant to touch. It gives our dresses a luxurious drape that other natural fibres such as cotton cannot offer, (ahem, we don't like cotton, no matter how organic it is.. it's a drain on our precious water sources). Bamboo thrives in its natural environment, and regenerates the fastest of any other plant base fabrics. Bamboo has many other great features, such as naturally moisture wicking, breathability, thermo regulating, anti-bacterial and doedorization properties, bringing the Lou Lou St Cruz Bamboo range to the forefront of quality sustainable and bio-degradable fabrics.


The Lou Lou St Cruz luxury swimwear brand has teamed up with Aquafil, world leaders of recycled luxury fibre production. Recycled from neglected fishing nets, this yarn utilises the ECONYL® Regeneration System Technology to create a closed loop system. Meaning our pieces are also recyclable. A pilot program for collection of produced pieces is currently being carried out, but we don't expect our designer swimsuits will want to be returned any time soon. 

Our collection is made from a well selected duet of eco friendly yarn and fabrics. Please allow us to explain where these fibres come from and how they perform for you.

The NeoPerformance fabric. Besides being great for our environment, it's stand out feature in a nutshell - It gives good hugs. Almost similar to Neoprene (328gsm), yet far more superior, it is produced in Italy with the highest of Eco Sensitive practices in every stage of the yarns' production. To wear it disguises bumps, and enhances a firm and shapely body. We've created our designs with this fabric in mind to enhance all of your best assets. It has incredible stretchability, with retention at the same time, is chlorine resistant and quick drying. Finding this fabric provided the extra boost needed to lock ourselves into creating Lou Lou St Cruz as a luxury swim label. It is truly wonderful to wear.

The Recycled fabric. This is the standard weight component of the duet, it is beautiful to handle, has great stretch, powerful retention (remains tight) and tells a wonderful tale. It begins with a dedicated and hardworking organisation called The Healthy Seas Initiative, a Worldwide ocean waste rescue organisation. These guys trawl for fishing nets from the bottom of our oceans, and assist our precious eco system to live a wonderful and harmonious life, diminishing the wrath of Ghost Fishing.  The fishing nets are then thoroughly cleaned, dried and regenerated together with other nylon waste by Aquafil® into the ECONYL® yarn that creates our luxury fabric. To show our respect and encouragement to the Healthy Seas Initiative, we are currently dedicating 100% of our distributable profits to assist in the support they provide our earth. So much purpose for everyone in this one story.

Both fabrics above feature built-in UPF 50+ sun protection, but this does not mean you can refrain from wearing sunscreen. This just gives a boost to know the extra protection is there. We encourage all of our customers to wear sunscreen.

Our collection has been thoughtfully assembled for each individual design to co-exist and look stylish with any other piece in the collection.

All of our products come with performance spec tags alongside our hangtag, where you can see the approval stamps and guarantees.

If you have any question regarding anything fabric listed above, please send us an email and we'll do our best to answer you quickly.


Lou Lou St Cruz x









Sizing Chart
 AUS/NZ USA EU UK Bust Waist Hip
6 2 34 6 74 - 80 cm 58 - 64 cm 84 - 90 cm
8 4 36 8 80 - 86 cm 64 - 70 cm 90 - 96 cm
10 6 38 10 86 - 92 cm 70 - 76 cm 96 - 102 cm
12 8 40 12 92 - 98 cm 76 - 82 cm 102 - 108 cm
14 10 42 14 98 - 104 cm  82 - 88 cm 108 - 114 cm
16 12 44 16 104 - 110 cm 88 - 94 cm 114 - 120 cm