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free shipping on all orders over $260   -   we offer exchange & returns worldwide*   

Who is Lou Lou



Would the team behind Lou Lou please stand up?

Created by two visionaries of love and life, Taryn McLean and Arnaud Domange direct the French-Australian, ever-so-sustainable brand LOU LOU ST CRUZ, built from neglected fishing nets left abandoned in our oceans.

From the get go it was on between the two. Within 4 days of their extraordinary meeting, the powers of creation bought the essence of baby Colour. On the coattails of Colours birth their swim label was conceived.

Taryn, the Australian counterpart has her heart and mind set deeply in the Fashion and Textile industry. With 2 decades experience as a Fashion Designer and Buyer sourcing European markets she brings a complete knowledge of fashion and product finesse to the brand. Utilising her complex understanding of fit and patternmaking, you can feel assured there’s a combination within the collection fit for any body type.

Arnaud, a Photographer from Paris has seen the world through many lights. His background varies, from a high performance athlete, to therapist, to creator of image. He captures the soul and spirit of the Lou Lou girl with a grace, refinement and allure that only life experience, and perhaps being Parisian can bring.

As parents a growing interest in the future of our planet materialised more than ever before. Swimwear being the path, their impact as a designer and photographer became the focus. Creating garments that outlive seasons was one subtle way to combat fast fashion. Sourcing fabric that was environmentally sensitive was another.

A recent partnership with Italian company Aquafil® and leaders of regenerated yarn technology establishes that the brand stay forever ahead of the fold. The main base cloth in their collection is derived from recycled fishing nets left abandoned on our ocean floors, collected by a non governmental organisation called The Healthy Seas. With this knowledge, and a compassion for the hands on process it takes to clean the ocean beds Lou Lou St Cruz give 100% of their distributable profits straight back to The Healthy Seas Initiative who facilitate the clearing process.

They cleverly use their vocations within the brand as a vessel to carry the message and provide tools for education toward transformation of a clean and sustainable world.

Keeping beaches clean and beautiful with stylish, recyclable swimsuits





Sizing Chart
 AUS/NZ USA EU UK Bust Waist Hip
6 4 36 8 74 - 80 cm 58 - 64 cm 84 - 90 cm
8 6 38 10 80 - 86 cm 64 - 70 cm 90 - 96 cm
10 8 40 12 86 - 92 cm 70 - 76 cm 96 - 102 cm
12 10 42 14 92 - 98 cm 76 - 82 cm 102 - 108 cm
14 12 44 16 98 - 104 cm  82 - 88 cm 108 - 114 cm
16 14 46 18 104 - 110 cm 88 - 94 cm 114 - 120 cm