August 30, 2018

Transitioning our planet to near 100% Sustainable is more stylish than you think.

With Spring time coming, and Summer choices needing to be thought about, we'd like to remind you why buying sustainably is the right thing to do.         

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Especially now, at this time while Melbourne Fashion Week is happening. With so many fashion labels making headlines, being showcased and vying for space in magazines, it makes me wonder why there is no commercial sustainable sector within the MFW schedule. Why isn’t there more emphasis on this?

I remember speaking to a certain individual, (who I shall not name) and as he verified my eligibility into the fashion week last year, there was no question about whether our pieces were ethical, the emphasis was instead on whether or not it was made in Australia. From my eyes I see that the industrial fashion problem is on a global scale, and we need not think about small things like what country are our garments made, but globally, have they been made with the right intent? We need to be thinking as a whole, as we are all on the planet together. It’s not just one country that will survive or suffer, together we all will.


   'We dont need Sustainable Fashion Weeks, we need Fashion Weeks to be more sustainable.'    - Evelyn Mora, Founder of Sustainable Fashion Week.


In production, we buy our chosen fabrics from Italy, and we support the health of the seas within heavily populated commercial fishing areas. This is a place where local divers and textile mills banded together to solve a problem. It addresses the deeper core of ethics and sustainability, not the superficial layer of government and local industry.  We support the change makers, who and wherever they may be.

We are definitely a label who will take the time needed to research and source quality supplies. Factoring in the future of our planet on the daily is important. When asked about this, It's like a proud moment where we're most likely to say, 'yeah I have factored that in.'

On the front page of our webstore we have quoted, 'Transitioning our planet to 100% sustainable is closer and more stylish than you think'. After a lot of thought and research over the last year into more sustainable practices, bio-based fabrics, water based dyes, and the like, it's perhaps not entirely possible in the near future to achieve this. Not for us, not for Stella McCartney, and certainly not for H&M. It's practically impossible. We're talking about water run-off from print companies, energy supplies in factories located third world countries, and most of all, delivery of products, and fast just as we like it. So we'll be re-wording our landing page on the webstore to say something more achievable and realistic.

So what does this mean for our business? Yes we do have less profit margins being a label in the 'disruptive/non-disruptive' sector. We're in the new phase of fashion, and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be trading commercially with a full selection of pieces to offer, especially as it's our 1st collection. Over time we feel assured that the practices we've established and requests for ethical and mindfully resourced standards will be the new norm. Essentially it all comes down to demand, and that's where you come in. Please feel free to deliver feedback, let us know what you think via our contact page. Your opinions matter the most.

I personally come from a fashion background. The ideas I have for style and purpose come from my mind. The colour choices have been chosen so they match every spectrum of hair colour, (knowledge thank you to my fashion buying days) and every single detail is generated from mind. We don't copy others, we don't take inspiration from labels we see on Instagram, our style is developed from experience.

So who wants a set from our collection? Who wants to know they're helping the dolphins swim freely, and the fish aren't getting caught up in nets left lying on our ocean floors? (see ghost fishing)

I bet all of you, which is why you’re signed up to us, love the idea of what we're doing. So we thank you for that, sincerely, from our depths of our emotional hearts.

The reality is that there's no sugar coating in the ethical sector. Every fib or tale to make a product or a brand seem to shine so that it looks more appealing, really does nothing for raising awareness. It makes you settle, and think everything is okay. But everything isn't, and while we're all using this planet, then we're all responsible for it.

But hey, we should at least look our best while we're fixing this place, right!? Hence, grab some Lou Lou. x